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Finally, an OutKast video that doesn’t annoy me (other than the music): Hey Ya, Charlie Brown. (via Tiff)

Forget that prissy bitch “Dear Abby,” who has one foot in reality and her head up her ass. Jane answers Dear Abby’s mail. (Note: you’ll need to register to view this. Thank the fucktards of the troll underworld for this.)

Bill offers to read my novel before it’s published. Being that he is responsible for this website finally working correctly, I know he’s a great editor. And don’t worry Ted, you’re on the distribution list, too. 🙂

It’s male PMS time over at Random Thoughts.

John posts the magnet that I have on my fridge. She’s almost as cute as Roxette Bunny!

Sounds like Tricia’s colleagues went to the same school of mismanagement as mine did.

Erica posts a link to a Backstreet Boys parody, I Want a Fat Babe. Personal aside, I had an ex send me that link (was he trying to tell me something?), and the only reason I wasn’t offended was because he had a big belly covering his wittle pee-pee.

Over at Up Yours, Dawn’s doctor says she can finally have sex again, now that her new little bundle of joy has been out in the real world for a few weeks. Lady, find some time and have at it!!!

So it ain’t the blogosphere, but real life:

Quote of the day: “I’d rather douche with gasoline, and light my fart.” — by the always-eloquent Shawn. This totally trumps my personal expression for trying to convey that I don’t want to do something, which is, “I’d rather masturbate with a chainsaw.”

And one last thing. …

See you there!!!


Everybody give a warm Caterwauling welcome to Chuck, who was Visitor Number 306,306!!!

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