Another one down

Another issue of the monthly Veggie Patch Gazette, that is. w00t!

I have the best team on earth. I really do. I’ve found that we take turns going through rough life situations, which does cause some minor stress for those who are left at the office with a question mark above their heads over some small things. But all in all, everyone really does come through and do their best and even go beyond expectations.

That’s the neat thing about working for an arm of the organization that is pretty independent of the other departments. We kind of just hang and chat and laugh and get our shit done. It’s a crazy cast of characters, but we click. And that’s so important to me — to love the colleagues as much as the work.

I’ve been pretty down on the workplace lately, even though nobody has really said/done anything to send me over the edge in quite a few days hours. I went to the publishing house tonight and chatted with one of my beloved customer care reps, Diana, about various items not related to either of our jobs. It’s so neat to learn about different people and the things they’ve done. It’s nice to be paroled from Club Medicated and be able to interact with some fresh faces — faces who are always thrilled to see me, which I love. 🙂

I’m not really in the mood to be introspective and brilliant tonight (although, one might argue that I am NEVER up for exuding brilliance. LOL). Shawn came over to watch HBO on Demand, which as usual was more pre-menstrual than yours truly and refused to operate correctly for hours. I just got my first Comcast bill — I think I should just send them what I think the service was worth, not the actual total. Of course, Shawn said that, with all the problems and malfunctions, the service was worth about $1.50. No arguments there!

The Cat from Hell has now learned how to crawl up onto my computer desk and dance on the keyboard. Great. I unearthed the old blue water bottle that I used to use to zap Maddie when she got out of line, and that still didn’t do the trick.

I am thinking of renaming the little cat as Siobra (the “b” sounds like a “v”). Leslie had sent me a wonderful list of Irish names for Shan to consider when she wanted to find a good Irish middle name for Alex (she ended up with Marie, which is her own middle name). But I was re-reading one of Leslie’s e-mails, and I really like the sound of the name. It really works for my new black kitten who’s got some serious spunk. I’ll see if this one sticks.

Siobra (OK, might as well get used to saying/typing it) has this habit of, when I’m sitting at my computer desk, taking a flying leap from the floor and digging her claws into my back. I have tons of red dots and scratches down my back, thanks to her. Little brat. 🙂

Looks like Siobra has a cold. She’s been wheezing and snarfing for a day now, and I just noticed that Maddie is dry heaving right along with her. Great. Two sick pussies in the house. Sounds like I have a beauteous holiday weekend in store with those two gagging in my face 24/7!

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