And this is news?

The ever-wacko Michael “Jacko” Jackson has a warrant out for his arrest. The charge? Child molestation.

Clearly, the man needs some serious psychological assistance more than a night in jail (although he hasn’t been detained yet). Wonder who what he did to earn this trip to the slammer. 🙂 I wonder if there will be an O.J. Simpson-style chase with the cops and Jacko in a flying Dumbo machine or a hot air balloon. Heh.

Speaking of child molestors, I talked to the guy I interviewed for my last magazine issue. He was all hopes and dreams that somebody would hear his story and want to hire him. Shit. I was more than happy to tell him all about the letters to the editor declaring ME to be criminally insane for even interviewing him. I swear, in half of these letters, people are telling me that I must be in favor of child molestation, just because I told this guy’s story. I need to smack some of them around with a cluestick — just because I wrote his story doesn’t mean I condone it — I only shared it as a means of telling people in my profession that this is somebody who could be their client someday. Sheesh.

There are so many parallells between my interviewee and Wacko Jacko — not the least of which is a certain kind of innocence, in which they sought the company of young boys because, really, that’s their own level of maturity and mentality. But at least my interviewee knew he needed help — he just didn’t know how/where to get it, and even though he couldn’t afford it, he did get the help. Lord knows Jacko can afford some psychiatric treatment for his attachment to untapped anuses. 🙂

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