Am I coming or going?

Apparently it’s the former, seeing as though I just had a most excellent fantasy in my head that left the nether regions a-tingling. Woops — I can’t believe I just thought my way into orgasm, here in my office. Heh. Good thing I am alone with the door closed!

Seriously, the best fantasies are of the things you think will never happen in a million years. And being here and editing a 140-page document of reader submissions, creaming your jeans is better than taking a sledgehammer and killing the idiots who can’t even spell the names of their companies correctly (don’t think I’m jesting — I’m floored at the fact that the only thing these people can spell are the abundance of academic degrees that follow their names). Detest. Stupid. People.

I’m goin’ back to my damn fantasy. At least the mouse isn’t sticky and my wrist doesn’t hurt!

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