A real-life Carter’s commercial


Speaking of friends in the hospital, poor Shan found herself in the E.R. on Sunday as well. She’s back at work today, feeling horrid and worrying whether she will be able to work full-time during these last two months of baby-incubating.

To lift her spirits, I gave her this adorable little baby outfit I bought at Carter’s on Saturday with Shawn. It’s a fabulous dark denim jumper (my children will be in denim. Trust!) with little pink rosebuds and a fuzzy little white rabbit popping out of one of the two pockets. I also bought a pink onesie that says “pretty in pink” with a tiny bouquet of flowers with a real bow on the front. On the back, there is a single pink rosebud where the diaper will be.

And because I am the queen of accessories, I picked up dark denim-and-pink barrettes and a pair of little knit pink booties with a fuzzy (fedora-inspired) hot pink cuff, with little teeny strawberries on the toes. Too frickin’ cute. Shan loved them all and couldn’t stop hugging me. It was nice to lift her up a little bit, at any rate, ’cause she’s not back to great health yet. But I did tell her I will kick her ass if the doctors are wrong and she ends up having a boy! 😉

Addendum: The 60-second commercial

Shan insists that she cannot wait until it is my turn to pop out a little one. Seriously, she pointed at her belly and said that we need to get me one of those. Yikes! She said that in the past few months, she has seen me shopping for no fewer than four babies, and that it’s time for me to start shopping for my own. Hah! At any rate, I don’t know if she realizes it yet, but that was her first instance of “Let’s Indoctrinate Our Single, Childless Friends Into Our Cult!” Tee hee. Look, I will admit that, looking at all the fun stuff in Carter’s, I felt a little bit sad that I may never have the opportunity (or that it may be done with a turkey baster without a throbbing set of veins). But alas, as always, I will jump off that bridge when I come to it, and I will just be a good aunt to other people’s kids in the meantime. And, hey, when it ain’t the offspring of my loins, I don’t have to touch poopy diapers if I don’t wanna!!! 😉

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