St. Christopher

January 13th, 2022, 8:51 PM by Goddess

I stopped to say hi to my friend Christopher today.

He didn’t remember my name, which I told him I didn’t expect him to. But he was tickled that I knew his.

I get that “feeling seen” thing. I really wanted to show that I saw him as a nice guy I was happy to talk to. Because, it’s the truth.

He seemed in good spirits. I’m not sure all the stories he told me are true. If they are, this guy needs to be a stand-up comedian. Even if they aren’t, well, all the comics I know are gifted at masking their pain behind others’ laughter.

It wasn’t all smiles, though. He told me he stopped his cancer treatments. Nine years of radiation was enough.

He got an offer to stay at a shelter where everyone does drugs. He said no thanks; I’d rather stay on the streets.

But thank goodness he said no, because he knows someone who’s willing to let him stay at an apartment for three months for free — to focus on recovering from his illness and too long on the streets.

So many life lessons. Know when to say when. Never jump at the first offer. God is good, all the time.

The stories came fast and furious. He was in Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots. Got shot with a rubber bullet there. Ended up in Vegas for a while. Was a biker and went to culinary school.

Won’t go back to Ohio, even at his family’s urging; he’ll take too-hot Florida over a day of snow. Has a mom and a brother named James who can’t cook and a sister who’s the single mom of twins.

It occurred to me that he’s likely seen as much of the world as I have, but from an entirely different perspective.

I said well I was happy to run into you again. And if I pass by next time and he’s not here, I can be excited and not scared for him.

He told me he’d pray for me, for something I told him about. I teared up and said, you can count on me doing the same for you.

Funny. I never tell anybody anything. Yet I can tell this man my biggest secret and he gets it right away.

I hope he gets his happiness. For however long it can possibly last. And I hope it’s even happier than even he could have dreamed.

I needed to see him today. Thank you, God, for something my heart can feel good about.