War of the Roses

January 11th, 2022, 8:58 PM by Goddess

My soon-to-divorce friends are a case study in social media strangeness.

I see competing posts. One mostly positive affirmations and heartwarming memes. Then you scroll down and it’s accusations from the other about cheating and claims of depraved shit.

Being the first/only to air grievances must be like whoever yells the loudest is clearly the rightest. Makes sense only to the one who gets hoarse.

I tried to defriend the S.O. but apparently they have four accounts and I’m still connected to one.

Pro tip: One really doesn’t need fake accounts. Log out and boom, all the drama your heart can possibly take still awaits.

I want to turn away. It’s hard when you see your friends get trashed.

But I prefer to know people’s mental states and physical locations. Certain types are all too willing to give both away.

It’s as if they don’t realize that, in their quest to be heard at all costs, they are making the other person the sympathetic character.

Wonder how long the shitposting will drag out for. Three years? Five? Till death will they stalk?