On leadership

October 24th, 2021, 12:29 PM by Goddess

I gave a friend a reference to work at a company where an old boss works.

Two days in, she hates it.

I Googled him and found a fairly recent YouTube video featuring him.

His ability to blather for 47 minutes like he’s the smartest person on earth still takes my breath away.

She and I worked for another guy who was super nice but provided zero in the way of leadership.

It got me to thinking about which is worse: bad leadership or NO leadership at all?

It really all came down to empowerment, for me.

I had the lousiest of leadership, but he also got the F out of my way after he was done obfuscating, boring and excoriating me.

Then fast-forward a few years, and the other stayed right the F in my way after ofuscating, boring and excoriating me.

The latter never did tell me how to please them. Just reminded me that I didn’t. Eventually I quit trying.

These days, I have just the right mix of involvement and getting out of the way. For the most part, the involvement is valuable and valid.

Anyway, you don’t really appreciate good leadership until you’ve had the other kinds.