November 28th, 2022, 2:35 PM by Goddess

When I said this ends here, I meant for me.

Who only knows what’s going on over there these days. Probably more unintentional hilarity.

In any event, I was searching my email and stumbled upon this ancient gem. Which of course I sent to Momma.

A friend asked me awhile back, why do you watch this train wreck.

I said for when they say something stupid and people call them out for their inanity.

For when divine justice comes knocking.

For when they say something intelligent. It has to happen, even by accident.

My friend said when has the karmic GPS found its intended destination when you were watching?

She’s not wrong.

Toodaloo, twuntzilla.

Oh and my friend sold his bakery. Dipshit can hold on to her imagined title of best customer ever since I quit going two years ago.