This goes out to Shawn Schmitt

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4 Responses to This goes out to Shawn Schmitt

  1. Bryan :

    Hahaha I love it….and you are P-H-A-T. Anyone who says otherwise is pathetic and has no real friends.

  2. Goddess :

    Thanks B! 🙂 I know, right? Who else is 40 years old and has nothing better to do on a Saturday night than visit the blog of someone who de-friended them 10 years before Facebook was even invented? No wonder he doesn’t have any friends, if he calls them names. Of course, I should take the “fattie” thing as a compliment, as clearly he named me after his favorite thing to smoke!

  3. Old Friend :

    Wait…wait…wait… you mean to tell me that that piece of slimy “Santorum” is crawling out of his tiny glass house and calling people names….REALLY?? Names…is this third grade? Is it not sad that someone who is in a lifestyle that is constantly attacked is resorting to the same tactics that are used against him……..

  4. Goddess :

    @Old Friend — Love you! *mwah!* Yeah, Schmitt-head is up to his usual tricks. The formula is always the same. He takes a happy blog entry, usually with a beach picture, and tells me how he loves to see me unravel.

    Who the hell is unraveling other than him?

    My guess is somebody else dumped him — that’s the only time he ever bothered to look me up when we WERE friends! (Well, other than when he needed favors. I don’t miss being on Shawn’s speed-dial!!!)