30-day writing challenge: List 5 places you want to visit

May 15th, 2020, 9:44 PM by Goddess

Ross Dress for Less, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, the Disney Wedding Pavilion and Delmonico’s.

I asked a friend for a random writing prompt instead of this one. She said how about you write why you are having trouble with this prompt.

Well, then. *rolls up sleeves, takes off crystal bracelets*

I have a magnificent list of places yet unseen. I made it during a new moon last year. These destinations are mystical and magical. Like me.

But why share this list for others to mock or, worse, try to beat me there? Ergo, my block.

Now I say, go for it, if that’s their thing. They’ll never have the best travel companion — me.

Now for my list.

My coven and I had big plans to take a girls’ trip to a witch town this summer. There’s a haunted hotel where our leader stayed that freaked even her out. Spirits haven’t bothered me (yet; they at least leave when you ask them to, unlike the living) so I’d really like to see if I’d be able to pick up the paranormal activity.

We had another, bigger trip in mind for next year, to visit a witch town a little further away. It’s about two hours from where my “sister” lives, so double bonus. Triple bonus that I can work from wherever I please now.

Also, I want to go home. Home-home. To both homes. So this is a two-fer. Not just for a weekend or a week. Like, I want to drive north and keep on going. Don’t look for me for a month. I just don’t know how to keep all my kitties fed when the only friend I had in the area, isn’t.

Basically my fifth destination is all the rest rolled in one. All the trips I was supposed to take for work. We had a big bonfire planned way up north, so I could meet the state (and my fellow employees) without 17 layers of clothes. Several of these people live abroad, so I was really looking forward to getting some culture in my white bread life.

I’m thinking of getting carseats and strapping in all the kitties, and doing an East Coast driving tour.

I think my familiar, Cocoa, would call shotgun …

Just as long as it isn’t another trip to the vet. God it was so hard releasing her back into the wild. Would she ever trust me again?