Virginia ‘Woof’

February 26th, 2020, 5:02 PM by Goddess

I say it all the time. you find exactly what you are looking for, wherever you go.

I see love.


Clouds with big, bold streaks of silver.

Hearts that can be lifted with a smile or filled to overflowing with a hug.

Lips waiting to be kissed by the right person or maybe even the wrong one …

Just for that brief, delicious moment of soul connection we all crave.

Yeah I see darker orbs, too. Quivers filled with daggers. Choices that promise a moment of joy but a night of hurt that they will choose every time.

But I also see the light around them that they snuff out at every available opportunity.

Light through the holes they bore in others.

Put down the drill.

Choose light.

Choose love.

So someone who wants to see good will see you.