December 10th, 2020, 1:06 PM by Goddess

This number has been following me all day.

Dawned on me at some point that it is a birthday I haven’t celebrated in years.

Looked up the address where I spent a lot of those birthdays. Sure enough, 712.

It’s an angel number. Isn’t everything, though? Be positive and open to receiving knowledge.

Otherwwise, it doesn’t mean anything.

Most things don’t have to mean anything. And they actually don’t mean anything.

Yet we all feel compelled to assign meaning, to justify things that happened or growing pains we endured.

A mutual friend reaches out to me every couple of years to see if I’ve heard from him. No one has. I’m the likeliest one, they seem to believe.

Most of them don’t seem to know the door is only open only wide enough for a foot to get through. On either side.

Happy birthday into the void.