Putting the ‘man’ in manifest

March 12th, 2020, 2:56 PM by Goddess

I keep getting the Ace of Cups. Like, on three different days with three different decks.

Is the universe trying to tell me something?

In any event, I met a fellow publisher for lunch at a place where I take all my besties.

A good looking guy got in line behind us. He said hi. I figured it was to my friend because she works nearby. She said hi and we kept talking.

A few minutes later, I looked back at this hottie. Damn.

What? Oh. Anyway.

I said to my friend,you know this guy? She said no.

I looked at him. “J?”

He said, “I thought that was you. I tried to say hi but you turned your back to me.”


In any event, we chatted and have moved on to emailing.

Small world, maybe. But I think it’s a big one. And how cool when we get to cross the great divides it puts in our way sometimes.

Cooler still when the hottie is trying to get your attention and not your friend’s!