Am lady

August 18th, 2018, 4:13 AM by Goddess

The man behind Door No. 2 offered to ply me with alcohol. It was a hard week, so I said where shall we meet. And the boy had already done his research.

I got my pick of several ideas. I didn’t say my pick aloud even though I’ve gotten quite tired over the years of guys going with their choice as somehow a favor to me. Like happy birthday I liked this. *headdesk*

But he ended up saying the one he thought I’d like best — and it was the same one. (Make no mistake; I wait to witness these sorts of things.)

In any event, I only had two (very good) drinks. I learned my lesson about getting drunk in public a few years ago, and a few times over. Don’t do that anymore. Am lady.

There’s just a little moment or two I don’t want to forget. We were sitting on deep couches in an open industrial space with bottle lights and palm trees swaying.

He was in the shade and I of course picked the seat in the sun. Which I didn’t think he’d notice but he said, “You sit in the sunbeam every chance you get. You’re not a cat person; you ARE a cat.”

I had my legs crossed and I occasionally bumped him (lightly. Am lady.) with the top of my foot. At some point it occurred to me to apologize. He said I don’t mind at all. Then I purposely, lightly tapped him. And I won’t forget his smile right then.

I don’t get many of these moments. What may mean nothing to everyone else is what keeps me alive. Or at least sane enough to get through another crazy week.

The ATM at the bar, not that I had to pay for a thing …