March on Mar-a-Lago

February 4th, 2017, 1:33 PM by Goddess

Just having some fun with a few thousand floridians before today’s big event. 

We were asked to share our sign ideas. I’m sure you can see mine in there …

Heavy petty

February 3rd, 2017, 9:28 AM by Goddess

Lost amid (rightful) travel-ban outrage (how about Saudi Arabia, tangerine jackass? oh wait you profit from it) … and DeVos and Tillerson being snuck through … and the LGBT-attacking trial balloon … and the nationalist missive aimed at the FOMC … and all the other shit that provokes any sane person’s righteous indignation …

Is the popular vote loser’s personal Benghazi in Yemen and his blonde Medusa’s made-up terror attack on Bowling Green.


I don’t care about any good that motherfucker might do. He’s going to destroy us from the inside-out. Or desensitize us. And I don’t know which is worse.

In any event.

I had a personal Festivus this week. Like there are two people who often work my nerves, and I was totally Team Them this week. Not just because everybody else (the entire WFH set) pissed me off, but because I really admired things they said and did.

And it doesn’t hurt that I learned one voted just like I did. That might help me to forgive A LOT in the future.

My neck hurts, 3

February 2nd, 2017, 2:28 PM by Goddess

Well it’s really my back after getting it stabbed before someone threw a whole bunch of us under the bus.

Accept responsibility for your goof. Seriously. Whether it impressed the one you clearly needed it to impress, well, who knows.

I love people who say, “Yeah I own that.”

I am feeling zero love right now.

Seriously, the missives blaming everyone but your own impatience, and telling everyone else to be cognizant of their own supposed failings, isn’t going to convince anyone else to step up and give up their nights and weekends.

I’ve been waiting years to say that.


January 11th, 2017, 10:20 PM by Goddess

Watching that Salmon Stalin attack the press today, after President Obama’s lyrical farewell last night — amid reports that the PEEOTUS (heh) paid Russian prostitutes to piss on his orange oppressor ass — killed me. KILLED ME. 

He’s like facing your captor or rapist or shitty ex boss after you’ve escaped and started NOT twitching and bursting into tears every time you see a shadow that isn’t yours. 

Pathetic Pumpkin Patriarch. Guava Gorbachev piece of shit. Yellow Yeltsin. Peach Plutarch. Apricot Autarch. Twitler son of a bitch. 

Where was I? 

I remember being appalled at my dumbass friends who hated Obama who posted terrible shit about him. I thought, who could have that much hatred in their heart to risk professional ruin with what they said?

I get it now. As I wear my snake pin with the “don’t touch my pussy” admonishment. Like I did today. God I get it. 

That time when America lost its damn mind

January 5th, 2017, 9:06 AM by Goddess

There’s a snowball’s chance that we could get Colin Powell elected on Jan. 6. No more Tangerine Twat-grabber. It can happen. 

I won’t hold my breath. But it would be nice to refer to the past two months as that time America went temporarily insane.