I am Goddess, hear me roar. Rawr.

December 1st, 2014, 8:23 PM by Goddess

I was just musing about the lost art of asking people how you can help them before you go home for the night. Instead of frolicking out. Frolicking, I tell you.

Even today I asked my boss if there was anything I wasn’t thinking of that I could do. Me. With plenty to do. Because I will do anything to learn something new or do something extraordinary. Even if it’s on my own time.

It’s a shame, really, that it’s been years since I’ve met another me.

When I stayed second-to-last and now last, I was learning so much. Even when I wasn’t doing the hands-on work, I remember sitting with my boss and just absorbing so much about the job, the field and even about life from him. We had some good talks.

I probably made him stay even-later than he needed to. But I hope he know he became such a part of me. I never wanted to disappoint him. I was always so thrilled when I did him proud.

It just kills me that not everybody is like that. Granted, I wouldn’t trust anybody with the big important stuff. But I might trust them a lot more with the slightly less important stuff so I could do the big stuff better.

I wonder if that’s how my boss was. Maybe I just wore him down till he trusted me.

But at age 30 I was a peon and by age 30.5 I was running my own franchise and at 31 I was overseeing my own department, website and staff.

So, that’s why I’m the Goddess. And no one else stands a chance of coming close.

Kids today, I tell ya.

Is it wrong to call someone ‘simple dog’?

November 21st, 2014, 12:26 AM by Goddess

Had a fun all-day playdate with my so very awesome team.

And yet, while I had all my favorite boys (and girls!) in the same room today … it wasn’t perfect.

I’m working on something now (it is 12-motherfucking-24 A-goddamned-M) that was supposed to have been completed before it got to me.

And like everything else, it’s missing (or includes botched and/or inconsistent) key elements that I have repeatedly asked for.

I’m thinking to STFU now and direct you to the amazing blog over at Hyperbole and a Half about her Simple Dog.

And there ain’t no hyperbole here at 12:24 a.m. Just sorrow. And Advil.

Feel free to pass it along if you know anyone this describes

October 24th, 2014, 7:47 AM by Goddess

When people can’t follow a set of steps … the same set of steps … the same set of steps they have followed daily for three weeks …

When they forget the same steps every night …

Or remember a step after missing it three times but then forget another step …


You have to wonder …

How do they get home at night? Honestly?

How do they get in their car, fire up the ignition, get out of their parking spot, find the freeway, remember their exit and REMEMBER THEIR HOUSE?

Mom said to pay attention to their clothing from day to day. Because they may not, in fact, make it home at all and could very well have missed the step where they exit the parking lot in the first place.

Sharing the wealth

October 16th, 2014, 3:33 PM by Goddess

Ah, “Fifty First Dates.” I’d want a divorce if they weren’t so nice.

Someone else got the pleasure of experiencing that today. The moment in their head, no doubt of, “You had ONE JOB.” And … not the right result.

My “someone else,” though, is a better person than me and he said that the new result would probably be EVEN BETTER.

I have to hand that man an award. Not an Academy Award for acting, which I DESERVE SO MUCH. But for being so good at making everyone feel smart.

Of course he got it once. I get it way more often. And after a while, it starts to hurt.

Debating with a friend

October 14th, 2014, 3:51 PM by Goddess

Barely competent help or none at all — which is worse?

It’s like “The Biggest Loser,” only stress makes me fat.