There goes the neighborhood

March 7th, 2017, 4:25 PM by Goddess

As if having an asshole who wears a taped-up Commie-red tie splitting his time between my old neighborhood and my new one weren’t enough …

The person (using that phrase loosely) who makes Steve Bannon seem like the Sultan of Sunshine in comparison to said person (and I ain’t talkin’ about Trumpy in this graf) is also moving to my hood.

Seriously, universe. You keep making me long for the dumpster fire that was 2016.

Time to enter Witness Protection … again.

Or just burn down the entire state. Whichever.

I hear the company is hosting the goodbye party after the departure. So, the universe is turning as it should.

‘The Rhodora’: urban edition

March 1st, 2017, 8:16 AM by Goddess

Been arriving at work earlier than usual to try to get stuff done before phone calls. And working at night to try to get stuff done after phone calls.

It hasn’t been going well. Working on a project for a half hour here and there is pretty much the textbook definition of wasting oodles of time.

I notice things when I’m up early. There’s a neighborhood Calico who comes to my window to say hi, but only when Mom is around. (No one else.) I have food for her in my desk. (Thanks to Mom.)

We have condos next door and she looks like someone loves her. But I will never pass up an opportunity to feed anyone or anything. (Not the least of which is myself.)

One morning this week, I noticed a single purple flower on one of our bushes. It was so beautiful, I had to stop and marvel. There wasn’t another one anywhere.

I thought I should take a photo, and figured I’d do it on my next Starbucks run.

Well I went out later and saw that one of the boys had knocked it to the ground.

So much for that.

Kind of like when Mom comes in and mops and cleans the windows and the bathroom. It only takes two hours till I want to throttle someone for disturbing the perfection.

I feel like the flower is a metaphor for something. What, I have no idea. But when I get two seconds to rub together, hopefully it will start a thought fire.

Bloom where you’re planted

February 16th, 2017, 9:37 AM by Goddess

I drive by a church every day that always has inspirational posts like the one in the headline.

It’s almost as good as Harry’s Banana Farm, which usually pokes fun at local politicians. Now that Shit for Brains (SFB) has gone from local yokel to “45” (since I can’t say or type his name without retching), he’s fair game.

Apparently living down here means having something to protest every weekend, since SFB insists on dragging his wife out of New York and coming here to their resort and conducting national business IN PUBLIC. Sigh.

I wish they could ship me up to D.C. for the weekend, since I’d feel safer going into it without him there.

I’m blooming, all right. Surrounded by blooming idiots where I’m planted.

3 a.m. Worries

February 9th, 2017, 4:08 AM by Goddess

New Orleans residents are cleaning up from the aftermath of tornadoes. Six Red Cross workers were killed in Northern Afghanistan. A white dude shit up a Canadian mosque. Yemen is kicking our out Special Forces after Twitler’s Benghazi. And what is that steaming pile of shit for brains #socalledpresident tweeting about?  Something called #easyd. And he’s screaming at $JWN for dropping his daughter-wife’s clothing line. Meanwhile his wife costs us $400k because she won’t live with him and SHE is suing someone because she can’t make money off her role as FLOTUS (while the White House is closed for tours since she wants to live in New York). Oh and these welfare queens are coming back to Palm Beach for another $3 million weekend AND we also footed a $100k trip for his son to do non-government business in Uruguay. Oh and the local rag says plans are ready for these fools to spend every weekend through May here, if his impeachable ass chooses. Oh and the supreme leader of Iran thanked him for all his bungles that are showing his people what self-absorbed shits we westerners really are. And the chatter in terrorist conclaves is that the Moose-Lamb ban is the best recruiting tool for ISIL sent from Allah above. And we just followed the first black president and AG with big fat fucking racists. And don’t get me started on the education secretary who will produce more generations of uninformed Trump voters. It’s like 1984 in Sourh Park because I’m Kyle screaming “shut up, Cartman!” every time this fool busts out his unsecured phone and his staff uses a private email server after he lambasted hillary for her secure email server. Oh and Elizabeth Warren was silenced by a exist prick as she tried to read a statement from MLK’s widow about new racist POS AG and basically told to sit her girl ass down on the floor. Fuck everyone who voted for this chaos and  thanks to the asshole-in-chief. Without your willful and destructive ignorance, America wouldn’t have so many reasons to learn our rights so we can fight for them. See you on the Southern Avenue bridge this weekend. I’ll only be waving at Shinzo Abe since at least I respect him. More than I’ll ever say about you. 

‘We want a leader, who’s not a creepy Tweeter’

February 5th, 2017, 11:31 AM by Goddess

I have no plans to confirm or deny my whereabouts last night. All I will say is I love the men and women of Palm Beach.

Most of them, of course. Not the Post and the people who crabbed about what a shitty person Trump was until he won the election. They lick his balls now that they are afraid of being shipped off to Siberia.

(“The Siberian Candidate” would make a hell of a movie sequel, BTW.)

But in reply to those who penned missives that 200 people marched in Pittsburgh (yeah!) and disrupted your commute for 15 whole minutes … and who said we should find other charitable things to do with our time (but I didn’t see them saying anything they were doing that was worth noting) …

Let me tell you what I did on Saturday. I got my taxes done. Which means I did something your president won’t do — pay what the government determines to be my (and mom’s!) “fair share.”

Which I know is barely a drop in the bucket for the $100K gov’t-funded Eric Trump trip to Uruguay on behalf of the Trump Organization.

Or for the $3 million taxpayers are on the hook for this weekend for their president to host a Red Cross ball to benefit some of the very types of people he wants to keep out of the country. (I’m not putting it down. Just pointing out that same $3 million would have been a wonderful, needed cash donation.)

But none of it can help NYC, which is spending $2 million more a month on protecting the absent First Lady than it is on Section 8 so homeless families can have far-less-luxurious shelter. ($30M vs. $28M.)

In any event, I paid my taxes … bagged up clothes to give to charity … spared my last buck for a person in need because I am lucky enough to (God willing) have another paycheck arriving on Thursday … and fed no fewer than 30 homeless animals, which mom and I do nearly every night.

Fighting fascism and fake news is what I do in what’s left of my free time.

And I didn’t even insult the Australia PM, or tweet about a “so-called judge,” or tell Bill O’Reilly that we are just as evil as Russia.

So BY ALL MEANS, armchair critics, what did YOU do yesterday?