(N)onward ho

July 20th, 2017, 8:31 PM by Goddess

After you give up your would-be affair frog-prince to stay with the belching, farting, sneezing, honking, Lysol-cloud riding, micromanaging funky ass, you can’t really tell him to shove a fly up his froggy butt because you just lit your backup lily pad on fire.

I predicted this. And again, I’m not sure it’s worse than moving into the affair frog/prince’s pad. But it was nice to dream of kicking frogpies across the pond even though you knew you couldn’t base your decision on the joy you would derive from it.

Goddess and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

June 26th, 2017, 8:01 PM by Goddess

Otherwise known as Day 57 of my captivity.

I was through by 8:37 a.m. And it was just a bareback burro ride through the Mojave Desert without so much as a cup of coffee from there.

Normally I can leave the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad stuff at the halfway point of my trip home. My rule is no b.s. south of exit 70.

Which is fine … any other day. But today, I passed 70 … and was in such a snit that I drove some 20 exits south instead of 10.

And found myself at my old work building.

Yep, by freaking instinct, I ended up there.

I miss it so much, I could just die sometimes.

Ended up going to the cupcake shop I discovered two weeks before I got evicted and thrust into THNGVBD world. Got Momma three cupcakes. And we ate them ALL.

Now that I’m home (and frosting-filled), I went online to look for a new favorite wine. The winery in California doesn’t even sell it. And Total Wine is out of it across the country.

However, there is ONE STORE on the East Coast with my wine.

And you fucking guessed it — it’s at the goddamn wine store that was two blocks from the office I inadvertently DROVE TO today.

I’m not sure I can do this anymore. There are people I absolutely love … and there is everybody else. And the balance is never close to being, well, balanced.

I miss happiness.


May 23rd, 2017, 5:31 PM by Goddess

“You have to kiss ass with tongue.  Don’t stop till you hit corn.”

Take another little piece of my heart 

May 5th, 2017, 12:02 AM by Goddess

It only took me three days to get in trouble at the new old job. Yes! Am rebel. 

It’s been a comeuppance. To say the least.  

And don’t get me started on the thing that hurt me the most. And that’s not a short list. 

Snowflake needs a safe space. Too much sensory overload. Preferably a safe space about 25 miles south.

My neck hurts, 2

February 1st, 2017, 3:22 PM by Goddess

Bumped the call with the person I didn’t want to talk to till tomorrow. I can be insulted when I’m less psychotically busy, thanks.

But once again having to try to publish shit and be in a meeting, I accidentally sent live a mailing … set to arrive on Nov. 1 and not Feb. 1. Ask me how hard it is to reverse THAT process. Especially given that I have to ask Fric and Frac, who go home at 5 physically and at 10 a.m. mentally, for help.