October 3rd, 2016, 8:31 AM by Goddess

Ever throw a tantrum before finally reaching the acceptance stage …

Only to have a wrench thrown at that

And now you may not experience what you FINALLY talked yourself into believing would be a good thing?

Honestly I was just mad about something else in the first place. But it’s easier to be crabby about something tangible than try to tap-dance around what’s really bugging you.

Deep thots

September 29th, 2016, 10:46 PM by Goddess

Some people, you’d want to follow over a cliff if they asked you to. 

The rest will lead you to that cliff and push you over. 

You meet far, far fewer of the first kind. 

Ah we grow up so fast

September 23rd, 2016, 6:52 AM by Goddess

I made peace with someone who has bugged me seven ways to Sunday for a very long time. 

I don’t know if they know it. Or if they ever realized how upset I got around them before.  

Been waiting a long time for them to do something for me. I mean, a long time. And the person whose behalf I requested it on is ready to give up on both of us. 

And while there’s always the chance I’ll get in trouble (or canned, a la the last employer. You know, who punished me for standing up for talented but not yet properly motivated people), I realized they really do want to do a good job. They just aren’t built for the 14-hour shifts that frankly I can’t do anymore, either. 

So let’s cram a lifetime into eight-ish. It’s possible. We can do it together. 

This small moment is big for me. It’s grace, pure and simple. 

I was telling a potential new hire that I meet people where they are. That everyone has something to contribute. That all anyone needs is someone to meet them on their level to help them move forward. 

He had asked how I like to communicate. I said not a phone fan BUT it’s stupid to try to meet the “boss” where they are. It’s the “boss” who needs the workers to produce. If you want to chat for an hour every day and you deliver top-quality work, then pick a time because I’m there for you. 

He liked that. And I’ll stand by it. 

So getting back to my point, I stood by what j just said to a stranger. And I met someone where they are. And funny how, once they “got” what I wanted, they are able to work on it with purpose. 

I notice I can let tasks pile up. Not to aggravate anyone but myself. If I don’t get it, it takes me a while to figure out why and how. But once I arrive at those conclusions, I fly through the task. 

So why make people guess and mind-read and overcome their frustration that you can’t be clear? (Or in this case, they hate email and I hate the phone. Lo, I picked up a phone. Easy.)

There’s bigger shit to do and it’s nice to have a clean slate so you can tackle the new things. 

And now, I can. 

In the air

September 21st, 2016, 8:46 AM by Goddess

Went to grab breakfast at my favorite place. 

My favorite barista from another place was telling my favorite cashier (yes I love them all) that he just put in his two weeks’ notice. 

My cashier asked if there are other openings where he’s going. 

I said I was bummed since he’s the only one who can make a good drink. He seemed happy to hear that. 

That’s the thing. Most people don’t need a compliment. They just need to not feel regretful every time they open their mouth. Because you can take that mouth and everything that wants to come out of it to rhe new salad place down the street. 

I probably won’t follow my favorite barista. But then again, you never really know with me, do you now?

I did a dumb

September 20th, 2016, 12:14 PM by Goddess

I could say “I did a dumb” more than once in my lifetime (or day, although a day feels so much longer than this incredibly short lifetime does …).

Today it was selling a dividend-paying stock a week before the dividend gets paid.

Granted it’s one share and I really wanted to redirect that capital. But still. The stock was down 10 cents today. Did I need to wait a week to gain 14 cents?

In any event, I realize yesterday’s post was weird and cryptic. And it was really a reaction to being at the mercy of forces beyond my control and yet not beyond control. (Another dumb.)

I have a smart, though. I’ve been in a snit since I had miss an event at the Kravis Center and lost $100 on the ticket buy. Well tonight I have tickets (albeit cheaper) to an event I don’t want to attend (but it’s for Mom’s birthday), and I am not going to miss it. Even though I probably should because of some time loss yesterday.

That’s the attitude to keep in check. I “should” miss it because of some “things beyond control.”

If that has to be the case, I will give something up on Wednesday. Something that means far less. And there’s nothing I like better than putting time to better use than it normally would have been.

Dumb: 2. Smart: 2. That’s a win in my book!