Love the one you’re with

February 17th, 2015, 3:58 PM by Goddess

A funny thing happened when I got to “interview” some potential new help.

I looked at the old help and wondered if maybe I’m not better off the way things are.

I mean, I got the person with the right attitude, if not the right skill set. The skill set can be developed. It’s taking longer than I’d hoped, yes, but you can’t teach spirit.

Now that I look at a potential upgrade in the skill set and a potential, um, diversion as far as “fit,” will I be kicking myself (or someone else) at a later date if we make any sudden moves?

I think I know the answer already …

Bitches (still) be cray

February 6th, 2015, 4:38 PM by Goddess

Remember that job that put me on the street for no good reason?

They did it to a friend of mine today.

As I said, welcome to the club. Most of us who are hiring managers in the field think MORE highly of people who have been exiled from that dump. That generally means they have real talent.

I find the timing curious, as the new publisher is up here in conference-land with me this week … and not there to protest or question it.

I’m hoping this is their last hurrah. Because I respect the hell out of the new guy. And shit is gonna change.

In the meantime, I need help. But I have the position occupied by someone who tries hard but isn’t a perfect fit. But as I’ve seen throughout the years, many organizational leaders (and perhaps I can count the shrew who let my friend go today) have a soft spot for those who have no business being in the jobs they are in.

Then you get someone like me or any of my friends (and you know I don’t hang out with losers) and we’re the ones who get put on the street for not reading an Ayn Rand novel fast enough, or not finding time in a 70-hour workweek to do a performance review, or making a high-level decision that doesn’t pan out.

Basically, the more talented you are, the more anxiety you should have that your current rent payment may be your last.

I got the call right after I attended a really good workshop on social demographics and investing trends. Interestingly enough.

I love the speaker. I will follow him anywhere. I’m on his mailing list. I would love to hire him to be a columnist. You know. If I had salary money to spare.

In any event, the speaker was saying how Americans are working fewer hours per week. That pre-World War II, most men worked Saturdays. Now with two incomes in the house, “Fridays are the new Saturdays” and you can’t find someone to answer the phone after 2 p.m.

Who the fuck ARE these people who are averaging 22-hour workweeks?

Another attendee said really? Her kids are working 60-hour weeks on the low end A) because staffs are small and B) employers will run your ass out of town if they can get cheaper labor that will outwork you.


The good news, if there is any, is that robots will be doing our jobs eventually anyway. So there is hope that I can see a workweek below 70 hours in my lifetime!

I should probably start writing this sort of stuff as financial guidance rather than stream-of-consciousness bullshit. Because I’ve been analyzing the jobs data today and I seriously don’t know how anybody is bullish on the economy.

At least, when not one of us in my group of friends — again, the overachievers — can say with 100% certainty that performance and dedication are the top factors in continued employment.

I mean, is it possible my friend deserved to be canned? Sure. Why not. I’ll allow for it. I don’t believe it for one second. Not when I suffered the same fate and still to this day assume that the idiot minions have a better shot at being promoted and running the company than someone who actually deserves to.

I have so much boiling rage right now. This ripped open the wound I barely stitched together after it happened to me.

Granted, that company has about a 110% turnover rate, so my friend will find — like I did — that nobody gives an actual shit what the reason for the termination was when we all know BITCHES BE CRAY in that company.

But when you’re the only one putting food on the table, and your livelihood depends on people who be cray, it really sucks.

It reminds me of my experience, too, in that I worked hard. And long. And often. And to what end?

I wish my friend well. I wish I could help. And I wish I never ever find myself in that position again. Because even though you KNOW bitches be cray, that doesn’t stop you from wondering — even if just for a moment — whether those nutty fuckers might actually have been right to do what they did to you.

And then when you return to your senses, you wonder in what kind of a fair world those cray bitches don’t get burned at the stake so they can’t destroy another human being again.

‘For what we do and what we lose, we are not adequately compensated’

January 31st, 2015, 9:33 AM by Goddess

“For what we do and what we lose, we are not adequately compensated.” — Victor Gantry, “State of Affairs” season 1 episode 10

While I was missing out on having a life, a person I once hired to be my protege actually surpassed the master. And will earn twice my salary this year. And do all the things I set out to do so long ago.

I can be happy for them but I cannot contain the blame I have for everyone and everything (including myself) that I continue to sacrifice my heart and soul and creativity to babysit, support others’ dreams, take external partners’ crap and die so much on the inside that the years are shortening in which the outside will eventually catch up. And everything I once had to offer will be dust right along with the rest of me.

Asking for a friend

January 28th, 2015, 6:36 PM by Goddess

Does EVERY night have to be a late one?

I have been shoving duties off my plate left and right. Problem is, they boomerang right on back, in one way or another.

Meanwhile I keep remembering OTHER things I have to do.

And now a three-hour meeting at the worst possible time when I was hoping to knock out some of those bonus urgent projects.

You know, in addition to the mornings and nights when I’m sitting around by myself.

Feels like I just can’t ever catch up.

I love a challenge, but …

January 26th, 2015, 3:27 PM by Goddess

I have a funny feeling that completing my newest, biggest task to date is either going to land me in the unemployment line or the loony bin.

I stand a better chance of controlling a zombie attack than seeing this through to a successful completion.

In any event, I don’t know that loyalty and hard work and sacrificing your time/soul is what gets you ahead. However, it sure does elevate your blood pressure.

My goal in life (at least during 12-ish hours each day) is to produce actionable content. Sometimes the only action it inspires is to make me want to throw myself off a bridge.

I could use some help around here …