September 28th, 2015, 11:00 AM by Goddess

So I still have no keys because the girls in the HOA decided not to show up at their office today. You know, they manage 600 apartments and don’t have to show up. 

So, great I get to tailgate people in and out of the garage at home for another day/night since it’s even locked from the inside. FUN TIMES.

At least when I got to work, someone had opened the door. Usually I’m not that lucky. Yay spare key in my drawer.

So, I did get a visitor today. This guy wanders in and starts to approach my desk. Nothing like being in a corner where I can’t escape.

In any event, this guy approaches and out of nowhere I said, “Hi, Matt.”

This guy looked, walked and talked exactly like a past employee named Matt. This guy not only double-took, but TRIPLE-took.


His name is Matt.

This Matt came in to sell us some services we don’t need. But how weird to “see” a blast from the past. It’s got to be a sign. I wonder if I should call him or something.

You’ll never plow a field by turning it over in your mind

September 27th, 2015, 8:00 AM by Goddess

I dreamed I met Janet Yellen and she invited me to apply for a job at the Federal Reserve. 

I loved her. She was a riot. The thought of working for such a powerful institution scared the shit out of me.  But I really wanted to be wherever she was. 

There was this war going on in my head, between “omg opportunity of a lifetime” and “but at least I can hide in little companies that no one outside the field has ever heard of.”

Janet was having none of that. She said your career is going nowhere because the people and companies you think are so great are going nowhere. And since when were you ever happy not doing something to change the world?

I tell you, that dream was a bucket of cold water on my soul. And the Irish saying in my post title came to mind immediately. You don’t get to greatness just by hoping for it. 

Was Yellen trying to tell me that I’ll never see greatness on my current path? That maybe I need to stop letting psycho neighbors (who woke me up from my dream) be my biggest challenge? 

And was I somehow telling her I’m ok being off the world’s radar?  When the hell did that happen? Moreover, when did I become ok with it?

One of these days

September 24th, 2015, 8:06 AM by Goddess

Being awakened from a sound sleep to the tune of psycho neighbors fucking in the kids’ bedroom was enough to make me want to kill someone. 

Ugh. Female orgasms are supposed to be beautiful. That was gnarly. The good news for me is it lasted 30 seconds. I wish their fights were so short!

No drama on deal day

September 23rd, 2015, 11:59 AM by Goddess

A couple years ago, it was two hours to go until we launched what would become the biggest campaign in our little company’s history.

Even though we had slaved and prepared for weeks, there were still a thousand little details to be done.

And yet, I found myself on a very annoying phone call with the people being promoted.

I don’t remember the topics. All I know is they were unhappy with everything.

My superior shut that shit down with a simple, strong, “No drama on deal day.” We went on to have a successful launch, and that’s been our mantra ever since.

Today is another deal day. Murphy’s Law has been in full effect, but at least the people who will benefit most from the launch are mercifully cooperative (and grateful … and quiet).

It’s funny how some people will be difficult just because they CAN be. Sure, maybe they might have had a point. Or maybe they didn’t. Either way, thank God that project was a success because we worked our asses off for it.

In hindsight, it was just like having a baby to “save” a marriage. That shit was doomed from the start. But hell if we didn’t try everything.

Now I look at those people and their families (whom I grew to love) like exes who had so much promise, once upon a time. Now we’re all squabbling about child support and the love is gone.

One day, the drama will be gone, too. And we won’t have the need for silly rules like “shut up while we try to make magic over here, mmkay?”


September 15th, 2015, 9:30 AM by Goddess

Every company and probably every person I know loves a good to-do list. We have daily meetings that offer a ceremonial reading of them.

I never mention the important things. I just talk about my tasks. The shit people care about if it isn’t done. The stuff that according to

… isn’t important. People seldom write their biggest priorities on a to-do list. The very act of keeping a to-do list encourages you to fritter your attention away on inconsequential things. I would never include “Write a book” or “Spend time with the children” on my list.”

The article suggests we manage our attention, rather than manage our time. Otherwise, in life’s information buffet, we will choose to consume EVERYTHING instead of only what feeds our minds, souls and careers.

Read it. And, like me, probably weep: To Get the Most Out of Your Day, Manage Your Attention, Not Your Time